Monday, July 05, 2010


June was Crochet Month

This month I took a break from knitting bibs and decided to do some crocheting. Our local hospital was in need of some blankets and outfits so I pulled out my favorite patterns, yarn, hooks then settled into my recliner.

My blankie is a star blanket that is definitely one of my favs! It is a pattern written by Crochet Dad.

Want to try one? Here is Crochet Dad's blog-

And my little outfit....well....where else would I get this pattern but from my charity friend Bev's site. Her site is my second home as I go there consistently for anything I need a pattern for. I recommend her site to all the TTT volunteers as there is no better site for a collection of baby patterns...and they are all free! Is she not awesome!! would be great of me to give you a link to Bev's site....sorry!

Here it is....grab an iced tea, cup of joe, etc. and browse....I promise that you will not leave her site without a to-do list of projects.

The weather has been terribly hot this year so small projects have been on my menu for the last month or so. July is here and I know that this month will be a hot it will be maybe a sockie month? .... booties?..... more bibs?....who knows! But I do know that whatever the project it will be fun.

Have a safe and blessed Summer Fiber Friends....stay cool...


"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."
– Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, April 27, 2009


Hi all.

As always I am late posting to my blog. Sorry, I am just not a good blog journalist. I didn't have a diary when I was a kid and just never started a journal when I was older so why I began a blog I am just not sure. But I am thankful that my life is so blessed and full that I do not have time for the blog :) But anyway, for the updates.

Spring has arrived and everything is just lovely. We have had some super warm temperatures lately - in the 90's which is really warm for our area. So Hubby is happy as he has begun his Spring yard work. And me...I have started my Spring cleaning. I have decided to do some major cleaning this year - which means if we don't use it-we don't keep it! I need to clean out and clean up so this is the year.

I have been working on my fiber stash trying to get some of that spun up. I would love to purchase some new fibers but I have promised myself that until I get some of my stash spun I will not purchase any more. It has been hard since I have seen some lovely wools but I am so far sticking to my resolution.

Since the warm temperatures have started I have moved to smaller projects. I have been working on booties and bibs for the babies and some lightweight prayer shawls for the church ministry. I finished the two lap robes that I had started for the PR Rez project for this Fall so I think that I will hold off on any more of those until cooler weather.

Enjoy your stitches....and knit on....


Wednesday, February 04, 2009


No Snow....just cold temperatures snow! For some reason Mr. Snow does not want to come to visit us in the foothills. We have the cold, cold temperatures, some very windy days - and some very tiny, tiny wind snow flakes. But no snow on the ground, trees or anywhere near our house. As you can see we are right in the middle of the
fronts so it will be no snow for me. (how very, very sad)
I know that there of those out there in fiber land who have been snowed in for some time and would love to share some of your wealth with me. And I appreicate that and also am praying for those of you who have no power.
On to the fiber front..this month has been bib month for me. I have found some adorable knit patterns for baby bibs and have been enjoying those. (photos coming)
I have also been working on several prayer shawls (we have lost several good friends to cancer lately).
I finished my hat that I was working on (the ear flap hat) it turned out very well. I will post some pictures of it soon.
Have a great day all...stay warm :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hi! I am alive...

Yes, believe it or not I am actually still alive. After 6 months and no word from me I guess everyone thought that I had dropped off into the unknown. Nope! Just a very lazy blogger. I really do have great plans and super good intentions but I never seem to get the time to get them all done...thus my poor blog goes neglected and feels as if I do not love it.

Alas, I will really try to do better in 2009 (we will see you say) but I really will. I have been working on many crafts...but as always I gave them away before taking pictures. But I can at least tell you about them.

...I needle knitted several tote bags and felted them for Christmas gifts....loomed some slippers for the SIL and hubby....crocheted and knitted dishcloths and scrubbies...knitted, loomed and crocheted several hat, scarf and fingerless glove sets including one pair of wool gloves for me!
I am working on an adorable hat that is in the Jan/Feb. 2009 issue of Crochet Today! It is crocheted using colorful sock yarn. It is a very easy pattern but makes the cutest hat. You can see a photo of the hat here
Check it out and I will post some pics of mine when I get done.

My poor spinning wheel has also been neglected over the holiday season but I hope to remedy that really soon. The temperatures have been really cold snow :( ....but cold days and nights - the perfect spinning weather so I am planning some very important spinning time. to do some paperwork....stay warm those yarns...and have lots of fiber fun :)


Thursday, June 12, 2008


the month of May-hem....

For the babies.....

Shirts for the babies....these are some shirts that I crocheted for the "little ones" of TTT.

The yarn is LB microspun (a very soft and cuddly yarn) and the pattern is from my favorite pattern site - "dear Bev's" at Bev's Country Cottage.

Thank you so much Bev for being such a wonderful source of charity crafting patterns and info.

Would you like to make some too? I know that there is a NICU near you that would just love to have some of these for their babies. And they are such fun to make.

It is a wonderful pattern (easy too!). You can find it here.

Make a few and donate them to a near-by hospital - they will love them!


This is a crocheted prayer shawl that I made for a friend of mine and hubby's that is battling cancer right now.

It was crocheted using an "N" hook and LB Homespun yarn.

The pattern is just a simple hdc but it makes a very warm and soft piece.

Prayers going out for you ES - May God be with you in your battles and bring you through them with great victory.

I have two other prayer shawls started for some other friends that are also battling cancer. So many dear people are dealing with this dreadful disease. I pray for a cure really soon.

AC4C Projects ...

These knitted booties were for the May AC4C project.
They are knitted in Patron's Wool (yes I said wool). We were making items for an Indian Rez and it is very cold there so they needed warm items for the little ones.

The colors are Too Teal and Too Pink and are knitted using Beth's pattern. I love this pattern - it makes a simple but very neat and warm bootie.

Want to try it? You can find it here.

I also knitted some squares for afghans for the AC4C May project (but forgot to take pics before I mailed them). But they were just simple squares so you didn't really miss much (hee-hee)
I have also gotten so hooked on dishcloths. A wonderful yahoo group called "Monthly Dishcloths" does two KAL each month. I will post some photos of the ones that I have completed soon.
Well...I guess that is all the may-hem for now so I will roll out. Until next time....knit on!
And to all the victims of the floods, tornado, hurricanes and fires - you are in our prayers.
^.. ^
"wooly hugs"

Monday, May 26, 2008


A beautiful Weekend

What a beautiful weekend! Warm temperatures, clear blue skies, white fluffy clouds ... such a masterpiece created by God. It was just super!
I had to spend some time outside and enjoy the Spring weather. It was just too great to stay inside.
So....we did some yardwork, planted some garden veggies, and enjoyed some lunch on the deck.
A day spent enjoying the gift of time....nature...and family. PTL
Also a day giving thanks....thanks to God for the wonderful veterans who fought for our country so that we could enjoy the wonderful freedoms that we have. A special thank you to all of our service people .... those who have fought and for those who are still fighting today.
God bless you all.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Scarf Project for Pine Ridge

Scarves for the Pine Ridge Rez was a project that was being done by the CFAC yahoo group. (A wonderful group of folks that do all types of crafting for charity.)

The project was to make warm, soft, cozy scarves (knitted, crocheted, loomed or sewn) and then to ship them to the PR reservation to keep our friends there warm.

These are the scarves that I did some of them are knitted, some crocheted and a few were loomed. The yarn came from my stash - different types and brands but they all made pretty scarves.

Keep warm my friends.

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